West Island Amateur Radio Club

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Amateur Radio

The West Island Amateur Radio Club (W.I.A.R.C.) is a fully incorporated, non-profit group dedicated to supporting the interest of amateur radio operators in the greater Montreal area. WIARC holds monthly meetings throughout the year and is very active in many aspects of the hobby.


Digital Voice Modem

The presentation at the March meeting will be by Bruce Given VE2GZI on the North American
revival of the DVRPTR version 1. The DVRPTR version 1 board is a Digital Voice Modem (GMSK)
based on a powerful 32-bit AVR microcontroller. It was designed by Jan Alte DO1FJN.
All digital voice (DV) functions are implemented in software which enables additional
functions to be added. The code is open source and community developers are strongly encouraged.
This edition of the boards is aimed D-STAR but as the development continues other digital modes
can certainly be added.

More information on the project is available at http://dvrptr.net/ and at http://www.dstar101.com/DVRPTR.htm