West Island Amateur Radio Club

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Amateur Radio

The West Island Amateur Radio Club (W.I.A.R.C.) is a fully incorporated, non-profit group dedicated to supporting the interest of amateur radio operators in the greater Montreal area. WIARC holds monthly meetings throughout the year and is very active in many aspects of the hobby.

New Executive Members

At the Dec 19 2016 WIARC AGM. Gilles VA2EW was elected as Vice-President
and Harrison VE2HKW was elected as Treasurer. The executive effective January 1st
will be:

President - Malcolm Harper VE2DDZ
Vice-President - Gilles Renucci VA2EW
Secretary - Keith Glashan VE2MTL
Treasurer - Harrison Kyle VE2HKW

We owe much thanks to Charles VE2RFI and Bram VA2XE for their years of service
on the executive. Neither of them is done volunteering for the club however,
Charles remains as technical director in charge of repeaters, while Bram remains
as publishing director in charge or the newsletter and social media.

Field Day 2016 Photos