West Island Amateur Radio Club

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Amateur Radio Certificate

In order to become a certified Amateur Radio Operator, you need to pass an exam that will make sure that you know the basics about radio, electronics, regulations, propagation, on-air practices etc. To prepare yourself for the test, you can either take a course or you can study on your own. Courses are often given by local clubs; to find a local club or course, check with Radio Amateurs of Canada (or the ARRL in the U.S.).


 If you choose the self-study route, the best way is to get a study guide. In Canada, the HamStudy Basic guide can be ordered from Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC). In the Montreal area, it is available from Radio H.F. (1-800-463-3773). Another publisher, Coax Publications, makes available the Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide.


 When you feel that you are ready to take the test, you will need to either contact Industry Canada for the date of the next exam or find an Accredited Examiner in your area (Canada only). Accredited Examiners are Hams who have been certified by Industry Canada to administer exams for the amateur service. All examiners are active hams that hold the Advanced Qualification. For a list of Accredited Examiners near you, contact RAC or your local Industry Canada district office.