West Island Amateur Radio Club

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SOTA Fall Activations

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Dicksons Mountain at Calabogie Peaks Resort, Ontario.

Date: Saturday, September 21

Summit: Dicksons Mountain
Reference: VE3/SO-109
Drive (from Pointe-Claire): 3 hours
Hike: 2.5km with a climb of 235m

Dicksons Mountain is a ski hill with a hiking area at the top.  The hiking trail to the summit was closed in 2018.  If it is still closed, the ski slopes are available to hike up.  It is not as nice as a hiking trail through the woods, but isn't at all bad.

There is a network of trails at the top and lots of room to spread out and set up stations so the operating should be fine.

Trail Head:
Trail Map:
Calabogie Peaks Resort: 

Cap de la Fée by St-Donat-de-Montcalm.

Date: Saturday, October 5

Summit: Cap de la Fée
Reference: VE2/LR-146
Drive (from Pointe-Claire): 1.5 hours
Hike: 2.4km with a climb of 240m

It is on an established trail and features a great look out over Lac Archambault.  If we are lucky we will hit leaf change in the Laurentians to make the view even more spectacular.

Cap de la Fée has a long established trail maintained by the Club de plein air de Saint-Donat (also listed unter the Inter-Centre network of trails).  The club's trails are always in good shape and well-marked and Cap de la Fée is no exception.  We have a choice of two trails to the summit, we can make our choice when we get there.

The top has a great look out, but it is crowded right at the top.  We can go a little way down from the summit to set up our stations so as not to interfere with other users.  We will probably do what we did in the spring at St-Grégoire and set up two stations, one for CW and on for SSB, and pass the mike/key as needed.

Trail Head: 
Trail Map:
Club de plein air de Saint-Donat:

If you have an interest in participating in one of these activations contact Malcolm by email, ve2ddz@his callsign.ca.